Toyota Hilux Surf - M281EAH

Our First 4x4

The Surf was offered to us by a chap at work who I got on with well as he was upgrading. Having never owned a 4x4 before it seemed like a good idea so the deal was done. It was actually a surprisingly good car, it became Amy's daily driver and was even the car the Esme came home in when she was born. We managed to get quite a bit of offroading done in it and it was surprisingly good in all conditions. I even managed to wade it through a small river with the water coming over the bonnet but it still ploughed on.
Sadly something started to go quite wrong with the rear diif and rather then repair it we sold it on. Shame really.

Date of Manufacture 1991
Date Bought2005
Date Sold2007
ModelHilux Surf
Engine TypeTurbo I4
Engine Size3000cc

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