Saab 900 SE Convertible - P998SGN

Duller then expected!

The Saab was a car chosen because it ticked all the right boxes, at the time we wanted an automatic convertible with a decent size engine and full leather. Whilst there was nothing wrong with the Saab it didn't really have the spark that makes you love a car. It was very dull to drive and the ride was neither sporty or comfortable however in it's defence it was reliable and very well built. Near to the end of it's time with us it got sidelined into the role of spare car and whenever our friends' car was in garage we loaned it out, so much that eventually got the nickname of Curtis as in Curtis-E-Car!

Date of Manufacture 1996
Date Bought2004
Date Sold / Traded2007
Model900 SE
Engine TypeI4
Engine Size2300cc

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