BMW 540i Touring (LPG)

T904KND formally M6JKK

The BMW was a complete accident. Whilst browsing the Autotrader site one evening I happened on it and quote liked the look of it so made the call. It turned out the seller was trading it in the following morning but if I could get down to see it near Gatwick that evening we could do a deal! We managed to get down and late that night the deal was done.nThe BMW took us to the south of France and did pretty up until it was attacked by a Clio. Thankfully the damage wasn't too bad and after the insurance company paid £2500 to get it repaired it was back on the road.nSadly it proved to be more then a little unreliable, ending up on the back of an AA truck twice and when the gearbox started to become notchy it was time to go.

Date of Manufacture 1999
Date Bought2009
Date Sold2010
Model540i Touring
Engine TypeV8
Engine Size4400cc

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