Jeep Grand Cherokee (LPG)


Yet another chance ebay purchase, the Jeep was up for sale in the next village and being LPG looked interesting. After a quick test drive I was hooked on the big American V8 engine! The timing was excellent as we had a very harsh winter which the Jeep dealt with easily.
A year later it was loaned to my brother.......where it became his daily driver for a few years finally returning late in 2015. When we moved to Freethorpe it decided to go and live in the field where it's main jobs were driving over fences we no longer wanted and taking crap we no longer needed to the tip. In it's last year with us it covered just 1100 miles so when by chance an old neighbor stopped by and asked if he could buy it we decided to let it go. RIP Jeepy!

Date of Manufacture 1999
Date BoughtOctober 2012
Date Sold27th Jan 2017
ModelGrand Cherokee
FuelPetrol / LPG
Engine TypeV8
Engine Size4700cc

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