Hyundai Lantra 1.6GSi


Sadly no photo's exist (or have turned up) of my Lantra so this is one the internet lent me!

We bought the Lantra on a whim having seen it on the forecourt of a garage in Needham Market, where we were living at the time. In hindsight it would probably have been better if we'd not decided to take a walk that day! The Lantra did look very smart in black and felt modern compared to the Montego however in every way the matters the Montego was a better car. Not having a massive amount of love for the car the final straw came when the cambelt snapped at *ahem* 70mph on the M6, in heavy traffic whilst I was in lane 3....not a pleasant experience.

For reasons that escape me we had it repaired with a replacement engine and it soldiered on for a while until it was replaced with the Cavalier.

Date of Manufacture 1994
Date Bought1998
Date Sold / Traded2000
Model1.6 Gsi
Engine TypeI4
Engine Size1600cc

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