Mercedes C300h


When the time finally came to own my first brand new car I decided to buy a Jaguar XF as I'd admired them for years however we happened to stop at the Mercedes dealership and I was blown away by the brand new out C Class. The interior is amazing and with air suspension the ride is unbelievable. We then carried onto the Jaguar dealership and drove the XF which was still the old generation and it did feel very old compared to the Merc.......hence we ended up with 'Cruella'!
Cruella is a C300 diesel / electric hybrid, she'll do 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and still returns 68mpg......although she doesn't with just over 40 being more realistic. She's already done a trip to the south of France, something the ZT never got to do.

Date of Manufacture 2015
Date Bought20th March 2015
Date Sold / Traded19th March 2018
ModelC300 Hybrid
FuelDiesel / Electric
Engine Typei4
Engine Size2000cc

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